Our Expertise

The senior staff at Richter & 48.3 come from an extensive, wide range of professional backgrounds covering all aspects of the industry. From the design of proprietary formwork and falsework systems to modular propping systems, heavy-duty bridge props, as well as fa├žade retention systems, they have built a reputation for temporary works delivered to an exceptional standard.

An extensive track record for temporary works includes detailed projects involving various types of excavation support systems, traditional raking basement propping, cofferdams, ground anchored contiguous bored piled walls, and top-down basement methods. On occasion, principal contractors draw upon our expertise by asking us to conduct fully independent checks of temporary works, ensuring a gold standard of safety and project viability.

We have extensive experience with temporary marine works with our practice being called on for general harbour works, jetties, berthing dolphins, temporary bridge piers, and the Nab Tower project in the Solent.

We can develop cost-effective temporary solutions that are fully integrated with any permanent works on site. Our marine works expertise allows us to undertake the necessary assessments, and draw up a comprehensive package.

Our Design Capability 

Excavation Support All types of retaining walls Erection of Structural Frames Access Systems Independent (cat. 3) checks of designs by others Tower Crane Foundations
Mobile Crane Foundations River & Marine works Headings, shafts and tunnel linings Piling mats & working platforms Temporary Foundations Hoist tie-ins
Facade Retention River & Marine works Tower Crane Grillage Formwork & Falsework Gantries Scaffolding Assess permanent works under temporary load
Stability of structures during demolition or alteration Jacking & sliding operations Needling & Propping Lifting Equipment Structural & Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis
"Our expertise of temporary works combined with our permanent works capability gives us a valuable insight into the practical issues facing Contractors"

Roger Tice


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