Our Health Commitments

The importance of physical health, ergonomics, preventive health care, and mental wellness cannot be overstated in promoting a healthy, engaged, and productive workplace—especially during a global pandemic. Because of this, we increased our focus on overall employee health and well-being throughout 2020, with a particular emphasis on mental health.

We equipped our people leaders with information, resources, and training to engage and support their teams. These resources vary from mental health education to tips on staying connected and avoiding burnout, as well as guidance on what to know and to do if someone is struggling, to name a few.

Mates in Mind

Mates in Mind is a leading UK charity aiming to provide clear information and support to employers on the mental health and wellbeing of their teams and how they can address this within their organisations. Working in partnership with industry-leading organisations, we aim to break the silence surrounding mental ill-health, while generating awareness and understanding to further promote cultures of positive wellbeing.

For more information on the Mates in Mind Programme visit their website here: Home Page | Mates in Mind

Mates in Mind

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