Temporary Worx Limited provided their expertise through their skilled manpower and recruitment team to assist in the effective management of Temporary Works in accordance with BS5975. They supplied a dedicated temporary workforce to support the Hinkley Point C project in managing the temporary works on site. The team ensured that all temporary works complied with the relevant safety standards and were designed, installed, and maintained to the highest standards.

Moreover, Temporary Worx Limited was committed to providing comprehensive support to the Hinkley Point C project, including the effective delivery of Temporary Works Design. They provided technical expertise and practical support in designing, building, and dismantling temporary structures and works on site.

Their skilled workforce was also responsible for identifying potential risks and implementing appropriate control measures to ensure the safety of workers and the public. By providing a skilled temporary workforce to the Hinkley Point C project, Temporary Worx Limited demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and sustainable infrastructure projects.

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Linxon is a new company built on 100 years of technology expertise, and 60 years of substation and electrification project experience worldwide. Linxon combines SNC-Lavalin's project management expertise and Hitachi Energy's industry-leading technological knowledge to create a new company, leveraging the key strengths of both parent partners.




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Shurton 400kv Substation


Somerset England

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